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Small-scale sustainability is our passion! Our ranch provides a home to a family of horses, chickens, pygmy goats, cattle, dogs, a cat, and a mini pig.  It is also the backdrop in the lives of two beautiful souls, our children, who we hope are inspired by what we do and how we live.

The Largent Family


How do I pay?2017-09-06T11:41:34-07:00

For any of our packages other than the small ranch package, we required a 50% down payment. You can pay this via phone – (623) 332-3473.

Your final payment will be due upon delivery. We take all major credit cards and cash.

Where do I pick up my package?2017-09-06T11:37:18-07:00

We’ll deliver anywhere along I-17 at a location that’s convenient for you. We’ll discuss and set a location when your package is ready.


What is the aging process?2017-09-06T11:27:24-07:00

Our beef is dry aged and hung for 18 days.

Who processes the meat?2017-09-06T11:25:53-07:00

Perkinsville Meat Processing
ADA inspected, certified and very easy to work with!
3990 E Perkinsville Rd
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Phone: (928) 636-6679

What size freezer do I need?2017-09-06T11:25:07-07:00

Small Ranch Package – will fit in a standard freezer.

Whole – requires 16 cubic ft.

Half – requires 10 cubic ft.

Quarter – requires 3 cubic ft.



What do you feed the cattle?2017-09-06T11:22:51-07:00

Our cattle are raised on irrigated grass pastures. We supplement their diet with a small amount of beer grain (oats, barley, wheat, and hopps) from the Oak Creek Brewery in Sedona, AZ. They use all non-GMO grain.

How many weeks will it take to have my beef processed?2017-09-06T11:20:55-07:00

If we have the quantity in stock, we’ll arrange for delivery.

If we don’t, we will collect your non-refundable deposit and your package will be ready in approximately 4 weeks.

How many pounds are in my package?2017-09-06T11:19:22-07:00

Quarter – 85-100 lbs.

Half – 200-220 lbs.

Whole – 400-420 lbs.

Small Ranch – 13-15 lbs.

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